EVO Venture Partners a Global Platform for Entrepreneurship

Our experienced founders and talented employees have built a strong foundation that allows us to quickly spot and realize opportunities for building highly synergetic companies. A part of the success of EVO Venture Partners and its companies stems from assembling the best teams to drive us forward. We actively give our people chances for fast individual advancement. EVO Venture Partners drives growth into companies and people.

Global office spaces

We offer our portfolio companies office spaces in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Singapore. We help them with expanding to Europe and Asia with our local partners and business network, ranging from legal, tax, to development, sales and marketing. All partners in the EVO Venture Partners Global Network have a strong foothold in their community and part of the world . They are amongst the most well known and best connected resources and help our portfolio companies grow faster and better.

We provide a comprehensive set of global resources that empowers the founders to focus on and create superior products and execute at speed on a global scale, while we connect and help them to accelerate their business.

We aim to build three companies per year and provide each company with seed capital. The resulting company cluster is highly synergetic.