EVO Venture Partners Technology Partner Program

EVO Venture Partners is committed to our partners. Partnering with you is the only way that we can provide the best experience for customers and grow to a leadership position. Partner Ready is EVO’s umbrella global channel-partner program that provides incentives, enablement and resources, as well as partner investments. Multiple programs are being combined under Partner Ready.

Our core business focus is to help our partners achieve greater success and partnering with them to drive revenue – we are not looking to compete for your projects but help you to win them.

With the market growing more than 50% annually, Integrated Systems sales are increasing 12 times faster than overall IT spending. In fact, Gartner has said that by 2017, Web-scale IT will be an architectural approach found operating in 50 percent of global enterprises. Add in the investments and momentum created by virtualization manufacturers such as VMware and Citrix, and you have a deal-rich environment. Web-scale provides an incredible opportunity for you to grow your business by providing your clients with the same type of resiliency, scalability, simplicity and low cost enjoyed by the leading cloud providers. By building your business around web-scale, you differentiate your organization from the multitude of 3-tier infrastructure providers and position your organization as a leader in this space. We help our partners with the right customers in Europe, Asia and USA.

Each of our partners has unique capabilities, customer relationships and strategies. This is why we have a creative and flexible program that supports the way you go to market. Whether pre-sales, product resell, consulting services or cloud hosting – or any combination – we have a way for you to partner with us.

The EVO Venture Partners Technology Partner Program brings together like minded technology companies dedicated to next-gen enterprise IT that is open, innovative and transformative. By joining the Program you gain access to industry-leading solutions, a developer toolkit to build new applications, and resources to increase your market reach and technology leadership. Together, we’ll deliver on our promise to create the simplest, most elegant, and most versatile infrastructure platform on the planet.

Created for application, hardware and infrastructure partners, the program offers members various benefits including: a developer toolkit and access to API’sa path for technical validationmarketing benefitssales engagement


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