EVO Insights Q1 2018

2017 has been a successful year for EVO Venture Partners. We present an overview of milestones reached in 2017 and news for 2018.

Investments 2017

OpsMx enables enterprises to speed-up existing software delivery without compromising on quality, security or performance. OpsMx plugs seamlessly into an existing Continuous Delivery environments (test, staging, canary, rolling updates or blue-green) and uses machine intelligence to provide in-depth real-time analysis of architectural regressions, error distributions, performance deviations, and compliance violations for complex applications. OpsMx currently offers an early access program for customers in AWS and Kubernetes environments.

Seed round: December 2017

Stateless is revolutionizing software-defined networks by building virtual network functions, such as firewalls and load balancers, that are easy to offer and consume through the “as-a-service” model.

  • February: Alpha release of the product – Demonstrate end-to end use of our system which offers tenants the ability to launch firewall as a service (our first network function application), configure it and for the Stateless system to react to scaling and failure events.
  • June: Beta release of the product – Demonstrate the high throughput performance of our system running multiple network functions chained together (firewalls and load balancers, etc) for multiple tenants.
  • October: General release of the product – Demonstrate end-to end use of our system with monitoring, billing, and integration capabilities to other cloud platforms.

Seed round: December 2017

Prismo Systems

Automated Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-service.Transaction DVR is Prismo’s AI Engine for both Automating the SOC and securing Enterprise digital assets.We have filed TradeMark for Transaction DVR TM (so ok to publish) but we have not filed Trademarks for the new words that will replace AI Engine, SOC Automation and securing assets

Seed round: June 2017
The recent Series A round led by Sequioa Capital, will further strengthen the engineering and sales teams.


EVO Venture Partners last year invested in MayaData (fka CloudByte) because we believed in their team and their vision for radically better data management for today’s increasingly common cloud and micro service environments.  Fast forward several months and their Open Source project OpenEBS has become far and away the most popular “cloud native storage” project on GitHub, w/ over 3,200 stars and hundreds of contributors.  MayaData also recently introduced a SaaS solution called MayaData.io that provides insights into enterprise on premise and on cloud deployments and simplifies the management of data across operating environments.

Seed round: June 2017

Automated Lifecycle Management Platform for Hybrid Infrastructure Technology. RackN redesigned the physical data center experience to be simple, immutable and following cloud-native architecture principles. They also made simple on-premises software even easier to use to SaaS based management tools and downloadable content.

This engineering focus has translated in to healthy revenue growth in Enterprise and opens up exciting opportunity for emerging Edge infrastructure markets.

Seed round: March 2017

News for 2018: EVO Experts

In addition to the 5 partners that constitute EVO Venture partners, we have successfully partnered with 5 industry experts that will broaden our network and add expertise. An introduction:

Niels Hagoort

Niels works as a freelance Cloud and virtualization consultant for corporate and large SME clients, he holds VMware VCDX and Cisco CCIE certifications. He is a regular speaker at industry events and together with Frank Denneman, he published the successful vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive book.

Rutger Kosters

After a career as freelance cloud architect, Rutger Kosters joined Rubrik in 2016 as a Solution Architect for EMEA. He holds the esteemed VMware VCDX and Amazon AWS Solution architect certifications.

Joep Piscaer

Joep Piscaer is CTO at OGD, a Dutch system integrator with 2000+ employees. Joep has been responsible for the design, implementation and extensive automation of their platform. Recently, Joep has been fully focused on the seamless integration of their in-house platform with the popular public cloud offerings.

Walter Heck

Walter is the CTO of Olin Data, a consultancy firm focused on designing and building hybrid cloud solutions for their clients.