EVO Venture Partners launches a venture builder fund with focus on software based infrastructures

EVO Venture Partners was co-founded by Dennis Bruin, who started his first managed hosting company in 1999 and grew his business to a leading company in the Netherlands. Together with managing partner Dave Dirks, who got involved because of his drive to add more efficiency to the seed capital stage of startups and a team of five tech evangelists we help startups achieve success in EMEA, USA and Asia. EVO Venture partners teams up with game changing early stage startups in software based infrastructures; specifically in security, storage, virtualization, networking and cloud. We add value through knowledge, network and experience in addition to seed capital.

We are company builders, not portfolio managers. We limit the number of investments so that we can dedicate our resources to the success of each.

Unique added value through focus and execution We are focused on early-stage investments in software based infrastructures only, where our opportunity for impact is the greatest. We build a plan jointly with the founders with the purpose to grow the idea or MVP into a scalable solution and pre-pare the company for its Series A funding. We commit up to EUR 500,000 in seed capital to execute the plan and remain deeply engaged throughout the lifetime of the company. We provide more than money alone; our partners offer their guidance and network to increase your chances at building a successful start-up.

Dennis Bruin: “Our investment philosophy is that investing in the right people creates the right results. A great idea is never good enough. Startups aim for moving targets. That is why we invest in teams that can adapt and reinvent themselves. Our added value is to create a plan together, provide guidance when you run into the inevitable roadblocks along the way and to help you find your way. It is all about the right plan and execution. Seed capital is and should only be the resource to execute. We aim high. We only invest in teams with ideas that have the potential to become unicorns.”