Transforming Ideas Into New Ventures

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Shared intelligence, proprietary deal flow, human capital and a powerful investor network.

The Fabric is where we co-found, fund and accelerate companies in the cloud / IoT infrastructure space. Our domain knowledge and industry expertise allow us to understand where the market is going and to identify significant gaps requiring innovative solutions.

The Fabric is a startup co-creation foundry and accelerator based in Mountain View, India and Amsterdam with a focus on cloud/IoT infrastructure space. The Fabric team collaborates actively with entrepreneurs to help create, fund and launch cloud/IoT infrastructure start-ups. The Fabric approach is a high-touch model, applying the Fabric team’s extensive entrepreneurial and operational experience through the entire lifecycle, from idea creation through scaling the business. Our motto is to shape disruptive ideas into sustainable ventures. EVO Venture Partners joined forces with The Fabric in 2018.

We work by bringing together a rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, venture firms, mentors, advisors and like-minded partners with the objective of fostering innovation and creating valuable companies in the cloud/IoT infrastructure space. To achieve this, we adopt a high touch engagement with entrepreneurs as well as investment entities including individual, corporate and venture firms with the objective to create a win-win situation for all, that accelerates value and lowers risk.

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