Evangelism at EVO Venture Partners

Maintaining knowledge of the current technology is one thing. Staying ahead of coming evolutions is a different ballgame altogether.

To maximise our understanding of such developments, as well as to gain access to talented individuals and promising prospects, we’re actively participating in ‘user groups’, conferences, and other opportunities. This encompasses direct financial support and indirect funding (by making available resources such as the group’s luxurious conferencing and bar facilities).

Evangelist, an individual highly respected in various communities who ‘cherry-picks’ events to attend or to sponsor. His tasks include trend identification and internal lobbying to put interesting developments onto our agendas. In addition, he ‘Evangelises’ our technological visions as a gifted, international speaker at various events.

Our goal is to leverage this precious application knowledge and ‘community spirit’ to maintain the capability of our operational teams to assist internal and external startups at the application level. The individuals are expected to combine a thorough ready understanding of technology with ample access to the various ‘knowledge networks’ to do so.

At the end of the day, it’s not so much about merely writing code – rather, we’re solving application-layer topics with the aim to address infrastructural challenges – in function of the user’s business goals.