What are attributes of great companies? When do we invest and how to be a different Tech VC?

Every time I assessed an opportunity during the last 15 years, I evaluated four questions:

  • How big is the problem that you are addressing with the solution you need to bring to market? Each potential customer should agree that what you’re addressing is a major issue.
  • How disruptive is the solution you are going to market with? It better be very disruptive.
  • How big is that market today, in terms of annual spent, and what will be the CAGR during the next 5 years? It better be billions
  • Who are the investors, and what is their track record? It better be top tier VCs.

We believe entrepreneurs need more than just capital to grow their businesses—they need better access to market resources to test their innovations, a network of domain experts with proven strategies to reduce risks, and efficient go-to-market strategies.

Our partnership provides a faster and more effective way for young enterprise IT companies to bring their products to market, bridging the gap between common technical challenges experienced by IT leaders, and the companies who are developing next generation solutions.