Cloudbyte Announces Evan Powell as CEO and Additional Funding

Today Cloudbyte announced that Evan Powell, Co-founder of companies including Nexenta Systems, a leader in open storage, and StackStorm, a leader in DevOps automation, has joined as CEO. In addition, OpenEBS has achieved a major milestone with 0.3 release and is now available for trial use as a hyper-converged solution for containerized environments.

OpenEBS enables the use of containers for mission critical workloads by delivering the storage functionality needed for these applications, such as ensuring they receive the performance, data protection, and storage capacity required. OpenEBS is unique amongst storage systems being built with the same building blocks that comprise today’s highly agile DevOps environments, including microservices, containers, and leading open source cloud orchestrators; this approach allows OpenEBS and the containers running mission critical workloads which it supports to be managed just like any other container, saving time and resources and reducing risk while unlocking the agility of DevOps environments.

Evan said, “It is a real honor to join CloudByte, the developer of OpenEBS, as CEO. Since joining as Chairman earlier this year, I have seen more and more interest in OpenEBS on the part of enterprises shifting to DevOps and cloud-centric approaches to building and running technology. Our vision for OpenEBS seems to be resonating: we are the first storage solution written as microservices on top of containers and leveraging orchestration for internal as well as external capabilities and, not surprisingly, we believe our approach makes us a much more natural solution for enterprises leveraging those building blocks in their environments.”

“One use case we see being rapidly investigated is the use of OpenEBS for stateful workloads on containers,” said Uma Mukkara, Co-founder and COO of CloudByte. “Our vision is that with OpenEBS, you can get the flexibility and agility of cloud storage but without the vendor lock-in thanks to our emerging ability to run on any underlying storage medium, including cloud services, and to move the information to where your users need it, all while keeping it safe and compliant.”

Saifi Khan of Strikr, an OpenEBS user, said, “We are building a continuous security, provenance and discovery solution for containers. The OpenEBS approach of using linux sparse files for managing blocks of a volume, enables storage volume as a container. This represents an important step towards containerized storage and access to the underlying data within a single paradigm. We’ve been able to accelerate our user of stateful workloads on containers thanks to our use of OpenEBS.”

There is a demo of OpenEBS being used along with PostgreSQL along with the underlying code available at OpenEBS github.

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OpenEBS (@openebs) addresses the challenge of large scale storage management faced by many container users as they move mission critical, stateful workloads onto containers running in a multicloud and hybrid environment. OpenEBS works seamlessly with Kubernetes, Docker and other orchestration projects and itself is built in a cloud native way. OpenEBS is available under the Apache 2 license.

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CloudByte is the provider of software-defined storage software and appliances. CloudByte’s patented technology has been helping large storage deployments to realize significant cost savings as well as QoS controls and simplicity of management. Established in 2011, CloudByte has development offices in IndiaEurope, and the US and customers worldwide.

EVO Venture Partners invests with Zeitgeist syndicate in Cloudbyte which develops OpenEBS, a containerized storage solution.