Together with the founders we develop a plan to scale the startup from Seed to Series A

1. Selection: we select targets aggregated by our global scouting network as well as through our direct access to top tier opportunities.

2. Value proposition: we establish if and to what extent we are able to add value from the various skills and global resources of our team members.

3. It’s all about the the right plan: we prepare a seed stage plan and budget jointly with the founders with the main purpose to accelerate the company to Series A in 12 to 18 months.

4. Seed capital: we invest up to an amount of EUR 500,000 per  venture, equity based. We invite co-investors in our global venture capital network to join or prepare them to join in our follow on rounds. The seed funds will be used to execute the agreed plan and ensure the active involvement of the EVO Venture Partners team and global network.

5. Execution is everything: after closing the seed transaction, the founders will be guided by one lead EVO Venture Partners team member to secure execution of the seed stage plan.


What startups are we looking for at EVO Venture Partners to accelerate from product to leading defining technology company?

  • Seed stage startups
  • Founding team established and sharing our vision
  • Product / market fit validated
  • Game-changing technology
  • MVP built or almost ready
  • Scalable platform
  • Ability to grow 20 % per month

EVO Venture Partners adds value by providing knowledge, network and experience in addition to seed capital. We are able to rely on instantly available resources. This creates an internal culture of trust, deal flow, attentiveness and determination to truly add value to new businesses. These resources enable us to accelerate the founding team and MVP to a game-changing company. Our approach is resource intensive, therefore we limit ourselves to maximum of 3 transactions per year.